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How Being an Interior Designer Makes Me Fit for a Relationship

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My Communication Skill Prepares Me for Open Conversation

One of the main interior designer qualities is communication skills. This skill allows you to get to know your clients, build trust, and give them exactly what they’re looking for. You can’t be afraid to ask questions, request further explanations, and just talk to them overall.

With that in mind, being an interior designer is definitely not the job for someone shy or introverted. When you have good communication skills, it won’t matter if your client doesn’t match it. You’ll know just how to get the answers you need.

The same applies when you’re in a relationship. Every relationship needs open communication to function well. It doesn’t matter if you’re discussing issues or having a conversation, in general, it’s important to be able to convey your thoughts and emotions to your partner. Being closed off won’t help them become any closer to you.

I Am Self-Sufficient and Can Create Inspiration Out of Nowhere

Being self-sufficient means you don’t always have to lean on your partner. This is one of the best dating tips for interior designers to adopt and — be as self-sufficient in your relationship as you are when doing your job. 

Why does that matter? Well, it’s always wise to ask for help when you need it, for example. On the other hand, it’s not wise to be attached to your partner at the hip. This is especially the case if you both lead busy lives and can’t afford many distractions during the day.

Instead, come up with a time in your schedule when you’re going to spend time with your partner. During that time, you can let go of being self-sufficient and rely on your partner for all kinds of support. Being able to switch your work mind off when you’re with your partner is just as essential for any relationship.

Trust Is Important to Me

Every working relationship needs to have trust. If you’re an interior designer like myself, you know how essential it is to trust your client. Not only that, but your client needs to trust you too. 

Coming up with a great design takes more than one person, no matter how self-sufficient you are. Those two people are always you and your client. They tell you what they want, and you create magic out of it. However, you need to trust that they won’t change their minds mid-renovation, and they need to trust that you can make their desires come to life.

The same kind of trust is needed in a relationship. It isn’t even about trusting your partner won’t cheat on you. It’s about trusting your partner with emotions and secrets. No relationship can exist and function properly without trust.

Our Relationship Would Benefit From My Problem-Solving Skills

Of course, no interior design project can go without a hitch. Problems always arise, clients change their minds, and you have to act fast in those cases. Not only that, but sometimes you have to figure out how to make all design puzzle pieces fit together. So, another great quality interior designers have is problem-solving. We really know how to make a square fit a circle, so our clients never have to worry about any problems that come up.

This same quality works great in relationships. In fact, you need it. The easiest thing to do sometimes is push your problems under the rug. However, that’s how they pile up and become difficult to deal with. When you’re in a relationship with an interior designer, they’ll always want to face the problem head-first. There won’t be any drama or fights involved because solving problems fast is what we do best.

My Creativity Can Fuel Up the Fire in Our Relationship

No matter which amazing qualities you have, you cannot be an interior designer if you don’t have creativity. This is the primary reason why your clients come to you and not someone else. Being creative is different for everyone. That’s how interior designers come up with unique portfolios and styles that represent them and make them stand out. This is just the thing that makes their clients choose them too.

So, how does this creativity work in a relationship? In many ways! First, interior designers know how to spice up the bedroom fun in more ways than one. So, not only will that make your relationship exciting, but we can also come up with fun dates to go to. When there’s an endless influx of creativity, there are endless ways for us to surprise you and make our relationship fun.

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Details Matter to Me

Putting your unique stamp on an interior design project is all about details. In fact, interior designers always ask their clients for as many details as possible. Many ask for elaborate vision boards to be able to create just what the client wants. Another reason why details are essential is that they can completely transform a room. They’re what create the magic from a blank canvas.

Again, the same applies to being in a relationship. Details should matter to all people. This is how you get to know your significant other. Details also help you navigate your relationship, so you should always keep them in the back of your mind. Once you show your partner that you remember a small detail about them, they’ll know how to appreciate and reciprocate that.

Can These Qualities Make a Change?

Finding a partner who’s a good fit is hard nowadays. Many of them seem like they have great qualities until you get to know them. In fact, many of them don’t have the qualities interior designers have. So, what do you think happens to a relationship when you can’t trust or communicate with your partner? It goes stale. Let’s not even talk about the relationships that become boring because your partner isn’t making the effort to make things fun and exciting.

Now that you know about all the qualities interior designers have, you’ll probably want to date one of us. We don’t blame you.